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Zimmerman v. State of Florida

There are some extremists on both sides of course, I would also say that the bulk of them think Zimmerman should be in jail. Don’t read into that very much, I don’t think it says anything about blacks or any other division that could be made, Martin is dead and that obviously and understandably coaxes more excitement out of people when you have a hazy case like this.

I’m not in either camp, I’m in the middle, which might seem surprising if you know me, but it isn’t.

I don’t think that Zimmerman is guilty of anything, but I don’t really think Martin is guilty of anything either. Regardless of your stance, there is no evidence to suggest that Zimmerman acted recklessly, hatefully, or maliciously, if you don’t understand that or refuse to recognize it, you might as well stop reading now and go make a tin foil hat.

In the interest of full disclosure I own multiple guns, I carry a pistol everywhere I am allowed to, and I support allowing people with no history of criminal violence to carry concealed weapons everywhere. Speaking for myself the reason I carry a gun is to kill things if I need to, which should not be as shocking a statement as some believe it is.

Not so long ago, I came upon a car that had hit a deer, the thing was going to die anyway and I had the driver call the game warden back (he was going to be at least 45 minutes) and I told the warden that I had a gun and if he was agreeable I would put the poor beast down, which I did shortly there after. Within the last two years I’ve also shot two raccoons that were almost certainly rabid, being out in the daylight as they were, and while I am not fluent in raccoonish, I understood them to be making threats against me and my dog, and responded in the appropriate way. I write that to make the point that self defense does not only refer to human threats, but it obviously includes other less obvious things.

As far as my background goes, I received extensive training while in the military, and I have a very even disposition, I rarely get excited, never drink to excess, and never do any drugs whatsoever. I know that the people around me are safer for the presence of my gun, unless they intend harm to me or those around me. Most importantly, if I thought I needed a gun for my safety in some location, you wouldn’t find me there, armed or otherwise. I carry everywhere because with a few exceptions, no one has any idea when or where violence will occur, just like my spare tire and jumper cables, if I knew I’d get a flat tire or a dead battery, I wouldn’t plow on just because I can accommodate those things.

Getting back to the Zimmerman case, I have no reason to believe Zimmerman was planning on using his gun for anything other than to keep his pants from riding up. I think he should have stayed in his truck, sure, but I can’t blame him for not doing so, hindsight is always 20/20, and he wasn’t breaking any laws, even if he followed Martin, and I’m not at all sure he did.

In Martins case, he shouldn’t have been cutting through private property, if you are slinking around in the rain and dark, in an area where burglaries have recently been common, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone treats you with suspicion, because your dumb ass is plainly acting suspicious. However, trespassing is generally not a crime until you have been asked to leave or never return. Even if Martin did circle around and approach Zimmerman, and I’m fairly certain he did so, that isn’t a crime either.

So they were both being stupid, and stupidity does not simply add together, it compounds. The laws of nature dictate that 1 stupid + 1 stupid = 3 stupid. We have no idea who started the fight, and I’m not sure that either one of them could actually tell us who started the altercation even if they were both alive today.

What I am absolutely convinced about is that we have no evidence to tell us that any crime was committed, the closest we come to that is Martin being on top, but that doesn’t mean he started it, he may well have been the one defending himself. If I had to choose one or the other, and lay all the blame on that individual, I would say it was Martin, only because the witness with the best view said he was on top. Doesn’t mean he did it, but the strongest (and still pitifully weak) evidence points to that conclusion, even if it isn’t solid enough to win in traffic court.

One idiot lost his life and the other idiots life is completely ruined. No one wins and I doubt either is guilty.

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