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And Now A Word From Our Vice President, Joe Biden

I’m as sad as everyone else that despite there being little or no evidence indicating the guilt of George Zimmerman, the gun lobby has succeeded in forcing jurors to acquit him. This was clearly a case of racism in action even though there is no evidence to indicate that race played a role. I believe that Zimmerman covered up his racism very well, going so far to spend his time mentoring minority youths for the last few years while he plotted to kill the first black person he saw trespassing, at night, in an area stricken by a spate of burglaries, in a rain storm, while wearing dark clothing with their pockets full of skittles.

I urge people nationwide to be peaceful, but as black people are stereotypically violent, riots are likely. All responsible gun owners should blindly fire several rounds through their front door as a precaution.

What? Zimmerman is a registered democrat? I… uh… we just found out about this trial the same time you did… republicans… uh… sequester cuts… Iraq… Bush did it… shit… this is a big fucking deal…

This was clearly a case of Florida prosecutors acting without evidence and targeting George Zimmerman because he is Hispanic. I won’t be taking questions at this time, but the Justice Department will be looking into whether Florida charged Mr. Zimmerman based on his race. Jay Carney will be holding a press conference on the matter later today, just as soon as he finishes up using  a ouija board to determine the facts and will take any questions you have at that time.

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  1. 2013/07/16 at 18:30

    Sounds pretty much like the Joe we all know.

  2. 2016/07/01 at 22:33

    monica should have swallowed

  1. 2013/07/16 at 17:00

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