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Speed Bump Burial

It seems that the dead bomber, the older brother, being dead, needs to be buried, but understandably no cemetery will take him. Personally, I think they should, but I know that a lot of people would be furious that this piece of shit is buried next to Uncle Bob. My reason for thinking someone should let him be buried is twofold.

First, he is no longer a danger and is beyond human justice. If there is an afterlife, he will find his justice there, if not, it’s a moot point, he is beyond all justice if there is no God. The only thing that is going to happen if he doesn’t get buried is other Muslim terrorists will grow in number and stronger in cause.

Second, like I said above, it will just piss off more Muslims. Islam doesn’t permit cremation and requires the body to be buried as soon s possible after death. Private cemeteries have every right to turn his body away, but the publicly owned and maintained cemeteries don’t. I say that on the grounds of freedom of religion. It makes sense for municipalities to have cemeteries, a majority of people desire burial, either for religious reasons or simply because that’s what they chose. They shouldn’t be showing favoritism.

However, I understand no one wants him. If they were going to put him next to my grandfathers grave, I would probably have a fit. So what do we do to avoid him becoming a martyr and his grave a place of terrorist pilgrimage? The same thing we did with Bin Laden, bury him at sea. Another option might be to secretly bury him under a different name or in an unmarked grave and just keep it a secret.

Hell, they can bury him on my property if they want, he can go under where my septic tank is going to be. In that way he will be with his own kind.

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