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2012 The End!

Contrary to what you have probably read, the end is really coming on December 21, 2012. The science is pretty clear, there is a wealth of evidence for the end and absolutely nothing pointing to the opposite conclusion.

Of course the thing that is coming to an end isn’t the world, but the Mayan calendar. The end of the world is no more predicted by this than it is by the fact my golden retriever wall calendar predicts the end of the world on New Years Eve at midnight.

The truth about the calendar is really quite boring. As I said, our calender ends on December 31, counting a 365 day block of time that we call a year. Just like we have wall calendars, desk calendars, ones that show a whole month, and some that show a week, even some that show a single day, none of these suggest that when they run out of pages, the earth will explode into a million pieces. The long count version of the Mayan Calander, the one creating all the excitement, simply runs on a 1,872,000 cycle. In fact the end of the cycle would have been celebrated by the Mayans, not unlike our practice of celebrating the end of our calendar year.

The end might still occur, and personally I’m rooting for a collision with Planet X, but I would be satisfied with any cosmic collision, but I wouldn’t stop buying green bananas, the chances look pretty good that they will have time to ripen.

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