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Michigan Right To Work

This is ridiculous. Democrats at every level of government are up in arms because, they say, that this bill is an attack on workers rights! It’s an argument so illogical that I almost have a hard time truly believing it isn’t satire.

The truths about most “right to work” laws:

  1. They prohibit unions from collecting mandatory dues, sometimes straight out of an employees paycheck, as a condition of employment, even if the employee in question does not wish to join the union.
  2. Given the campaign contributions unions make, and the source of that money, dues, employees without the “right to work” have no choice but to subsidize the campaigns of politicians they don’t support.
  3. These laws do not destroy unions. Unions destroy unions.  When the government grants a labor monopoly to a public sector union, there are few things employees can do if their union is doing a shitty job, or going after benefits they don’t want and wasting resources. Once you have a “right to work’ law, unions need to offer as much value to each employee as they pay in dues, at a minimum. If they don’t, won’t, or can’t, than obviously employees are better off dropping out of the union.
  4. More sizes available. Instead of a union being the sole negotiator each employee can bargain him or herself if they wish, or join the union if they don’t want to, or simply take whats offered and do nothing more.

Lets be honest, the outrage here comes out of the fact that they know damn well a hoard of dissatisfied employees are going to drop out, significantly hurting their bottom line and subsequently the campaign contributions to democrats. We are being honest though, so I’ll also mention that it’s perfectly possible that unions can gain strength from ‘right to work’ laws. The competition, the ability of people to vote with their feet may just drive unions to become leaner and more efficient, resulting in increased membership and decreased dues. Of course if they choose to just stamp their feet and cry like they are doing now, more unions will find themselves wearing proverbial toe tags.

It’s seems like the only thing liberals support choice in is abortion. They seem to be anti-choice when it comes to our food, our jobs, our pay, our healthcare, our union affiliation.  Pro-force, anti-choice.

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