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Oh, Is That How It Works?

I saw this on Facebook recently:

Aside from being completely devoid anything even like cleverness, I have a few issues. I’m not saying that stuff like this has to be clever or whatever, just that if you want to make a statement that is obviously idiotic, partisan, offensive, or chauvinistic (which this is) it helps if you at least try and make it funny or clever.

First, I’m not interested in what any woman wants to do with her vagina. I may feel that abortion is wrong, I may feel that birth control is wrong, I might feel that abortion should be mandatory, or I may feel that birth control should be, but really I feel like the state should keep it’s nose out of it and you can do whatever you want. Lets be clear on one thing though, I have just as much of a right to have an opinion and express it as you, whether or not either of us have a vagina or not. If you think otherwise you are either an asshole or an idiot.

If you truly think that the chart has it right, lets apply this to a few other things and see what we get:

Do you own a gun? No? Shut up about guns.
Do you own a car? No? Shut up about cars (texting, etc).
Do you have a kid in school? No? Shut up about education.
Do you live in (whatever state is restricting abortion this week)? No? Shut your mouth about their abortion laws.

It’s idiotic, as you can see. It might be said that things like guns or texting behind the wheel, education, etc., all have effects on others, and that is true, but so does abortion and birth control and the states policies on those matters. This is especially true when the state goes to spend money on something. You can say my opinion doesn’t matter when you are talking about paying for your own birth control and abortions, but my opinion, and everyone elses, matters whether you like it or not when it comes to the government paying for it, or when the government starts mandating that what I pay to an insurance company must be used by that company to pay for those things for you.

You see, I don’t really have any interest in what your behavior is, you do what you like. If the government and more others held that same viewpoint, I think we would all be better off. When things start being financed collectively however, you submit yourself and whatever behavior is being financed, to collective scrutiny.

The perfect example is this ridiculous mandate that insurance companies cover a woman’s birth control. Why don’t they cover condoms for men? You think they should? Okay. Lets go further, I’m hearing that pregnancy is obviously part of a woman’s health and so birth control is also part, and there, that’s why it should be paid for by insurance companies. We should mandate band aid coverage then. Tampons too. Shampoo and soap as well, after all, washing is undoubtedly a contributor to the health of an individual. I forgot about eating, insurance companies should buy your groceries also. They make safer cars than the one I own, I demand they pay for cars now as well.

The argument that something is health related is a terrible argument as to why health insurance should cover something. That is between you and your insurance company and should be. If you want to make it between you, your insurance company and me by way of government, then you shut up when the result of that collective involvement doesn’t go your way later on down the road or when I share my opinion.

Don’t have a blog? Shut up about what I put on mine.



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