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Employment Discrimination

I have something horrible to report. Employment discrimination! Employers are discriminating against potential employees, refusing to hire them, based solely on their personal views and what they do with their wages, nothing to do with their current or likely job performance. I’ll give you a hypothetical before I get to the real story.

Lets imagine that I am looking to hire a person to do _______. It frankly doesn’t matter what it is, I just need an employee. In the course of an interview I discover that this person uses their personal money, that which they earn for providing a service, their labor, to donate money to “pro-choice” or “pro-abortion” groups. I decide that I don’t want my payroll dollars going to this person to support these groups, so I thank them for their time and tell them that even though they are well qualified for the job I’ll not have them.

Is it my right to do that?

Of course it is, but you might disagree. You might be thinking that employers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate based on a persons protected views and what they do with the money the get for the services they provide. If so, you are forgetting something very important.

You are an employer. Everyone is. When you go into Chick-fil-a, just for example, you are hiring them to make you food, you are employing the whole company for a few minutes. If you boycott Chick-fil-a based on what the company’s owners do with their earnings or what their beliefs are, you are no different from me in the hypothetical I gave above.

I want to be clear though, you have the right to do that. You have a right to discriminate against them. Perhaps you should. You are however being discriminatory in your hiring and you are no better or worse than any other employer who discriminates for any reason. Since we are all employers we have a double standard of sort where established businesses cannot discriminate, but each of us, as individual employers, can do so at will. There is no practical difference and it is dishonest pretend that there is.

Private companies and individuals should be free to discriminate, that is, they should be free to associate, as they choose. You, me and my business. If you read my previous post, you will know I am against gay marriage and I personally would say, if asked, that homosexuality is wrong. As a business owner I should be free to turn away customers and potential employees based on sexual orientation if I choose. I would be stupid to do so though and so would every business owner and they would face the consequences of being discriminatory, DISCRIMINATION –> read: boycott.

Everyone is more then welcome to exchange money for my services at my business. One does not catch an others beliefs and practices like you might catch their fleas or lice. Are you gay married? Do you require my services? Lets do business.

It should be known that I am a cheap bastard an I don’t donate money to any cause, gay straight or otherwise.

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