Monster Hunter Nation


I keep hearing people say that Occupy Wall Street is a legitimate political movement…

They just want “fairness”.

The violent acts are from a handful of “bad apples”.

Sure, a couple of days ago they mailed fake anthrax to banks and tried to blow up a bridge, but those people don’t represent the movement…

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi both say that OWS is a legitimate movement.

To celebrate the holiday that was taken over by Communists, the same people who murdered over 100,000,000 of their own citizens over the last century, OWS threw a party.

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  1. 2012/05/15 at 22:15

    In case you’re new here, the reason they wear all black and masks is to make it difficult for police to identify them when they commit crimes.

  2. 2012/05/15 at 22:26

    Harsh toke dude!

    No way, it’s so “the man” doesn’t know who’s home to legally foreclose on!!!!! These dudes forgot that the military industrial complex is also using satellites to beams capitalist warmongering thoughts into their heads! Dudes, tinfoil hats too dudes!

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