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Girls Can’t Write Anymore

No joke. It’s not a sexist thing, I think it’s an indisputable fact that until recently if you had a group of people and you wanted something written neatly you looked to the fairer sex to do the job. These days males and females alike suck at writing legibly.

My guess is that kids are doing far more typing than writing and so even those who seem to have a biological advantage for neatness don’t get good at it.

My penmanship has never been great, but compared to the crap my students have been giving me, I look like a world class calligrapher. On average, the girls still seem to have a significant edge, but it would be dishonest for me not to also say that they also suck. It’s all just my opinion though.

Addition: I left out the fact that my male students can’t seem to write at all, the female students can at least manage to write in a manner that you can make out with some effort.

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