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New French President… Next Week?

I have a lot of interesting predictions about what the results of this election will be. First is that it isn’t good news for the Euro, which has dropped to a 3 month low in the wake of this election and the one in Greece. That is probably good news for the Dollar, and the Pound Sterling, so I’m not going to complain. The costs for Euro using states to borrow will very likely increase as well, which is  a pretty complex issue and could be good or bad, so we’ll just have to wait on that one. I don’t really want to talk about that though.

I’m just astounded that the new president will be sworn in no later than next Wednesday, the 16th of May!

You occasionally hear someone mention the fact that we have an antiquated system here in the US, since it no longer takes months for election results to be pooled and certified, there is really no reason for a 2.5 month delay in swearing in the new guy. It used to be all the way in March, so it was tightened up at some point. Think of the benefits of that system though.

1. 2 months and change are available for the new president to get briefed on the realities of the position. I have no idea how much of that there really is to do, but I would hazard a guess that with troops in over 150 countries, the largest economy on earth and one of the largest governmental machines in the world, there might be a fair bit to talk about. So I think it’s great. Think back, how often did we see photos of Bush and Obama walking around together? An awful lot, in case you don’t remember. I would hazard a second guess here and say that those visits were extremely important to Mr. Obama, regardless of political differences between the two men. Bush was the Head Cheese for 8 years, he probably had some good advice.

2. A week? really? Lets assume some prep work had been done on all the hiring this guy is going to have to do. I will once again, hazard a guess and say that Obama made good use of those 2 months to look at who he wanted to nominate for various cabinet posts. I haven’t a clue how much of that the french president has to do, but I’ll assume its at least a little, he now has 9 days. Sure, some of that can be done before the election, but with nothing being certain yet, that has to be a challenge. (granted, his nominees did have start paying their taxes, but that’s another post.)

3. This guy has zero foreign policy experience, not unlike Obama did. However, Obama once again had 2 months and change to talk to folks in the state department, and start networking before he had to fill the head cheese chair in January.

I don’t want to drag on with this, I assume that you can imagine the sort of things I’m talking about, without having a list go on for another 10 or 12 points. I am just glad that our president is made to wait a few months and has that time to get up to speed. I have to imagine that without regard to political differences, the country as a whole benefits from the interim period.

The only guy that may have it worse, and luckily he doesn’t have a huge country to look after, is the Pope. Once elected, the Pope is the Pope. Right at that moment. The only exceptions are if he is not already consecrated a bishop. In that case, he gets a few more minutes so that he may be consecrated a bishop then he is the Pope. He does have the spiritual care of 1.1 billion Roman Catholics to look after, and the Vatican City State, and I do have to say, I don’t envy the Pope, he does have quite a big job to do, but it looks like it would be much easier to slide into on a moments notice.

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