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Stimulated Warming

Quick question.

I understand the arguments for Anthropomorphic Global Warming Cooling Bush’s Fault Climate Change and the supposed abrupt responses we are supposed to be responding to it with (or risk the fires of hell, or some such thing), a question comes to mind.

If we accept that human meddling has ruined the Earth and we all need to bow down and drop some carbon credits in the collection plate and act like good penitent’s, will those on the left come to grips with the fact that human meddling, by way of government, is what has wrecked the economy?

I’ll accept that it may be our fault for ruining one organic system only if the other organic system we have undoubtedly ruined is also our fault. I might even consider supporting an end to belching carbon if my friends on the (generally) left side of things will agree we should let the economy enter its natural, self balancing state.

I shall now dub the economic crisis, “Global Economic Warming” and thus it shall be. I’ll be selling AdamSmithian Credits online shortly if you are interested in helping to undo mankind’s heinous assault on the Invisible Hand. The exact mechanism by which they will help isn’t important, and I accept all major credit cards, just like Al Gore.

Also, maybe a Keynesian somewhere can explain to me why the War on Terror shouldn’t be considered a stimulus. My readings don’t show any way in which that is an unreasonable thing to ask. Not that I agree. I can drive a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, but I haven’t found a way it can be eaten.

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