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Atheism Is Fine, Being A Dumbass Isn’t

Once again the season of high school graduations approaches and once again the headlines are (and will continue to be) peppered with stories about how holding a high school graduation in a church is a violation of the separation of church and state.

That certainly would be true if there was a religious service or if the graduation was being held in a church for a religious reason. When graduation is being held in a church because the price was right and/or it is one of the few venues large enough to accommodate the graduation ceremony, it just isn’t true and it never will be.

I’m not going to link to the story that set me off down this path, because I’m not willing to do any research about the particulars, I’m just speaking in a general sense here. Inevitably there will be cases that are violations and some, probably many many more, that are not, but if the sole reason there is an issue is because the building is a church, than any site that has ever hosted a religious ceremony should be disqualified, we would only be talking about a difference in the frequency of religious use.

Obviously foolishness, but when has that ever stopped people, atheist or religious, from stamping their feet and kicking up a fuss? Even “fusses” that have negative results for all parties involved.

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