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One Last Stab At Obamacare

I’m not going to comment again until the ruling is handed down since there won’t be any more developments between now and then.

I’ve just finished listening to the oral arguments and I am struck by something. The government has taken the position that because not buying health insurance has an effect on the price others will have to pay, choosing not to buy insurance is in fact commerce. Now that shouldn’t be surprising, the bills proponents have been saying just that all along, its not new. When you listen to the arguments though, it makes you wonder whether some of the justices and the solicitor general have any idea about basic economics at all.

Every decision you make has an opportunity cost. If you decide not to buy health insurance, than you are able to buy something else. There are still the same number of dollars in the economy regardless what it is you are spending your money on, so if you are forced to purchase health insurance to subsidize others, the government is essentially mandating not just that you will buy health insurance, they are also mandating that you not buy something else. Every $100 people are forced to spend buying insurance they may not want or need is $100 dollars not spent somewhere else, precluding a voluntary, mutually beneficial exchange elsewhere in the economy.

It always seems to come back to the same issue with big government types, whether republican or democrat, taking money out of the economies left pocket and putting it in the economies right pocket, spilling a little along the way, is not progress, it isn’t an improvement, it’s destructive. The mandate for people to buy insurance, if upheld, will not only shred any limitations on the power of the government, but it will result in more waste in the healthcare sector of the economy, making it bigger and more bloated, while not improving it at all. In fact, increasing demand while not doing anything about supply will only erode the high points our healthcare system does have.

Let’s hope that the Supreme Court decides that freedom is more important than economically dubious, ideological mandates. If not, than the argument I thought had been defeated by ending slavery, that _________ people are too stupid to take care of their selves and need someone to lord over them will rear it’s ugly head again. Instead of black people, this time its simply the entire American population, all of us, determined to be incapable of caring for ourselves, like children or pets.

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