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Birth Control Not Helping Barry

I have to assume that this whole dictatorial “you must provide birth control without charging for it!” thing was to try and marginalize whoever his future opponent ends up being. However, he is instead surging to new lows in the latest CBS poll. Now I think everyone, myself included, thought the fictional “war on women” might give Obama a bump in the polls, I was just wrong about the direction that bump would go in.

Anyway, this all seems to validate what I’ve thought since I got my drivers license in high school. You don’t have to worry about birth control (free or otherwise) when you can’t afford gas. No gas, no ass, in 99.3% of cases. Maybe Barry should pay more attention to gas prices, not that he can do much about them, but when you have your butt parked in the Oval Office, everything is your fault. In fact, 3+ years after Bush packed up and moved back to his ranch, the administration still blames him for ___________.


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