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Court Rules Concealed Weapons Allowed On Colorado Campus

This is a big win for gun rights advocates for sure, but that isn’t why I’m posting on the matter. I’ll just say that history should show you, should show everyone, that gun free zones are only gun free until someone decides to commit a gun crime in them. Columbine – gun free zone, VA Tech – gun frees zone, every other school shooting I can think of – gun free zone, post office shootings – gun free zone, you could make the list go on forever, but on thing is clear gun free zones are creation that only matter to people who are of a mind to follow the law. Just like no trespassing signs, I have them around my property, but the only ones who will obey are people following the law. A person who decides they want to pillage my shed are going to ignore them.

They say locks are for honest people, well so are so called gun free zones, the villains will just cackle and do what they are going to do, since ridiculous declarations do not create an impenetrable force field around an area, which might be pretty shocking news to some people.

But again, that isn’t what I most want to write about, I went on for a bit just so I could justify the use of that clever picture. The thing I did want to write about is the fact that the school thought it didn’t have to follow the law, like the school is above it, and the sad thing is, schools all over the place feel they are above the law. The biggest offenders of human rights in this country are not churches, governments (proper) or individuals, the biggest offenders are our schools.

Students constantly have their speech censored, far above and beyond what could be even remotely considered necessary to maintain a decent learning environment. They can apparently have their bags and their persons searched with no warrant, cause or provocation of any kind, according to the whims of school officials. They can’t even defend themselves, I can’t even count the times just that I personally witnessed where one kid would attack another, they would defend their self and both would be given detentions.

Many of those things only apply to public schools, but public colleges are just as bad if not worse. Even liberals regularly take issue with conservative students having their speech or their organizations punished, eliminated or censored. I don’t mean to imply that only conservative viewpoints are so treated, it’s just more common than the more liberal ones, but by no means are any viewpoints safe from the power hungry nannies running state schools.

Such rights violations even extend to student housing, who despite being renters are usually not afforded the same rights and privledges any other renter would be by law. There is no right to privacy at all in many states. Public colleges in those places may enter and search students rooms with impunity for any reason or no reason at all, and making all of this worse, if that is possible, the courts allow this stuff to happen.

All of those things just scratch the surface. For institutions that are suppose to be bastions of freedom and open-mindedness, schools at all levels are run more like dictatorial banana republics than learning institutions. So I am glad, and you should be also regardless of your stance on guns, that this court in Colorado has said “no”, the public colleges are subject to our laws, regardless of what they might be, and nebulous unsupported theories about “student safety” and what constitutes a “appropriate learning environment” do not trump the laws of the land, least of all the constitution.

** I might have also mentioned, as some may already know, that the court ruling in CO only applies to concealed weapons permit holders. They will now be permitted baring legislative action, to carry concealed on U Colorado property. Concealed carry laws, most came into force in the 90’s, far from increasing crime rates, actually correspond with pretty large reductions in violent crime. Correlation doesn’t have to equal causation, but in this case it somewhat does, because if permits increased crime rates in any significant way, you would expect it to be somewhat apparent in the data, which it is not. So CCP’s may or may not have anything to do with crime reduction, but they certainly have nothing to do with crime increases. Add to that the fact that concealed carry permit revocations are miniscule, to the point of being almost statistically non-existent, and often for other, minor, crimes having nothing to do with violence. You have a group of people out there that are as close to angels as we can ever get, whether or not they have a gun, they are safer to be standing next to than almost any one else.

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