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I Hate You, Olympia Snowe

It doesn’t matter, republicans are still exceedingly likely to hold the Senate once the elections are over and a new class is sworn in. What I hate her for is subjecting all of us to a proper senatorial race with little consequence.

It should be well known that I object to the direct election of senators. It isn’t because I think we are not capable of picking them, but because it weakens the federal system we have. That is, however, a topic for another post.

The dems have no one to run in Maine. The only heavy contender I can think of would be Mike Michaud, and that would almost certainly result in the loss of his seat to a republican. On the other hand, the repubs also have no one to run worth a damn, Charlie Summers is the only one that comes to mind, so I anticipate getting stuck with a complete disaster. One that will have little effect on the political makeup of the Senate and be a waste of my time. So from this point forward I will be refusing to comment or blog on this senate race.

At least she was a known quantity and she had a seat on a powerful committee and a decent amount of pull. It’s is going to be a net loss for the state in that regard. Bangor Air Guard Base particularly concerns me. While I am for some military cuts and for closing some bases, Bangor provides a high level of operational capability at a very low cost, both in personnel and money, and she was a fierce protector.

I don’t want to hear about this. Please let everyone ignore it… Please…

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  1. 2012/03/01 at 14:54

    I’d like to see Tom Allen take a shot.

  2. 2012/03/01 at 16:29

    I hate Tom Allen. He’s a tool. Mike Michaud will win, and the dems will lose his seat. That is my prediction. The only other thing I know is I’m already tired of hearing about this.

  3. 2012/03/01 at 21:31

    Now its a crap shoot.

  4. 2012/03/05 at 12:36

    King, Baldacci, and Pingree are either going to run or contemplating a run. The Republicans have zero shot.


  5. 2012/03/05 at 14:43

    You are making the assumption that any of those people have actually got a shot to begin with.In the first congressional district, maybe, but in the second, Bush won in 2004 and Mccain in 2008. Add to the fact they are already fairly conservative to the fact that they have lost a tremendous number of jobs on Obama’s watch, whether or not it is his fault, and you get a very unfriendly atmosphere for democrats.

    The only reason Mike keeps winning over there is because everyone thinks their congressman is okay, every one Else’s is a crook.

    Besides, without knowing who the republicans are going to put forward, aren’t you making a prediction based on, really, half the evidence? Yeah, just forget about the other half of the puzzle, those pieces probably aren’t important anyway.

    And this is just great. Firefox finally recognizes Obama as a word and it’s less than a year away from (hopefully) his defeat. Almost just in time to never type it again. Unless we can blame everything on him for the next 4 years to infinity like people are still harping on Bush.

  6. 2012/03/05 at 15:51

    I know I said I was done commenting, and after this I really am, otherwise it will make me madder than I already am about having to hear about it.But…


    I don’t think it is much of an issue, him overseeing the elections. Personally he doesn’t make many, if any, decisions regarding eligibility. Like the story says, and this is huffpo lets remember, the elections department is in an entirely different building. Besides, the ethics commission (which I need to visit ASAP if I decide to run for a house seat this year) is totally independent of the Sec. States office, nothing at all to do with him, and they are heavily involved in elections, So it’s a none issue.

    In fact, I’d have to guess the election process will be more transparent than usuall because he is still going to have to out of his way to keep appearances in line with reality – that he has no real say in how things go.

  7. 2012/03/05 at 17:57

    The possible Republican names so far are pretty weak and there aren’t too many big names sitting around on that side of the aisle, so I’m not going on half-evidence here. The Democrats have name recognition and that’s huge.

    Also, we should do away with the 2nd district. Give it to Canada while the rest of New England becomes its own country.

  8. 2012/03/05 at 19:14

    So does Summers though. He actually didn’t do too badly when he ran for the first district. It’s a pretty liberal place and he had 45% in 2008.

    And you are missing some pretty big evidence here Michael, besides the Summers thing, look how well Cutler did compared to that democrat who ran for the governors mansion. I think the republicans are just as likely to win the seat as the dems are, if not more so being an election with a democratic president running for reelection. But if Cutler gets involved as an independent, it’s probably going to be lights out for both parties.

    That’s a pretty big oversight if I do say so myself. I realized he has endorsed King, but he has also expressed interest in running himself, i just heard him on the radio this morning talking about it.

  9. 2012/03/05 at 23:14

    I imagine Cutler would run as an independent, not that he is likely to do so. It appears King will be doing the same. Regardless of which one of the two wins (if they both run), a Republican won’t get the seat.

  10. 2012/03/05 at 23:18

    We shall see. I’m really done now. I mean it this time. I hate this already.

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