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What’s Half of 1.3 Trillion?

Remember when Obama was going to halve the deficit? So do I.

It was $1.3 trillion. This year it’s projected to be 1.3 trillion.

So he didn’t divide the deficit by two, but he did divide it by one. That’s halfway there.

I’d also like to point out to those who feel taxes are too low, in any bracket or on anything, that the taxes that go uncollected each year, if collected, would have resulted in surpluses for several years during the Bush regime and lowered the overall debt incurred by 3 trillion dollars and change. Instead of trying to fix that issue, an alarming number of liberals, and some conservatives, feel the way forward is to increase taxes on the people who actually follow the law, instead of going after those who are breaking it.**

That’s not to say I wouldn’t still like to cut taxes, but if you feel that some people aren’t “paying their fair share”, I would hope you would consider all these owed, and unpaid, taxes.

**Don’t forget that there are tens of thousands of pages of US tax law, and tens of thousands of pages more of judicial decisions and IRS opinions regarding all that law. Considering all of that, it is very likely a significant portion of people who have under paid have no idea they are not complying with the law. Obviously the solution is to add more to the tax code and make it more complex.

*** I should make it clear that I think Bush and his Congress spent way to much also, and on much of the same stupid shit this tag team of economic destruction is currently spending on. However, I have always thought the best combo for reducing federal spending is a republican congress, and a democrat in the White House. Clinton didn’t address the deficit alone, he had a republican congress and both should get equal credit. Jimmy Carter never had a surplus, although people try and say he did, so don’t start. What did happen was GDP grew in relation to the deficit.

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