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Repair Or Destroy…

I hear Obama is looking to mess about with some federal agencies to streamline them and make them smarter and blah blah blah. Don’t care. When your problem is cancer, you don’t combine tumors, you cut that shit out before it gets any worse.

I don’t want to be unfair, it’s plausible that combining agencies can work, I just feel the best way to shrink government and improve it is to cut departments or agencies completely and rebuild them from scratch. It isn’t just the physical size of government that makes some peoples blood boil, scope is far more important than physical size. Imagine reducing the size of your car, and thus its weight, which should give you better gas mileage, good deal. But you are almost always going to find that if you go at your car with the jaws of life, and make the same demands of it, your car is not going to be able to do everything it used to.

Simply reducing the government workforce is only beneficial if the duties carried out by those employees are also reduced.

We have giant vampires (also known as agencies) in government now, but I doubt the best solution is to chop the vampires up and create Frankenstein in their places.

Consider the following:

Department of Environmental Protection Analogy - Artists Rendering

Imagine this is a picture of a government department. Is the best course of action to try and fix that, or to have it hauled off to be incinerated and start over?

Sure, picking through and trying to fix things might result in improvements, but at the end of the day, a pig in a dress is still a pig.

Addition: I almost forgot which agency I would cut first. Not the EPA, although that is near the top of the list, as is the dept. of  indoctrination Education. Yes I would combine the military forces or at least reorganize them so the Air Force takes care of the planes, Navy the fleet and the Army all ground forces. Canada doesn’t have military branches, they have a single combined military, it’s worked out great and saved tons of money. But that wouldn’t be the first thing I would cut either.

I would shit can the Federal Air Marshals. nearly 900 million dollars spent on guys with guns who just ride planes around. Shit can that department and do the sensible thing, deputize airline staff and arm them instead. They already get paid to float around, and a bit of training and you would have a fairly overwhelming force in every plane.

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