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Goodbye Post Office

No, nothing new has happened with regard to the Post Office’s death spiral. I have been thinking of what it is we really need the post office for anyway, and I can only find one thing.

Official government communication.

As usual, I have an idea so awesome it would only cost you $19.95 (totally different from $20) if it were being sold on TV at 2 AM. I’m taking some liberties here and making some assumptions, but try and follow my thinking.

There is little the Post Office does that private enterprise could not do better. UPS and FedEx cost a bit more to take shipments, but that is only because of the business leeched away by the Post Office not needing to turn a profit, and rarely do they come close to breaking even these days.

I think at some point in the near future, probably only a few years, we could get by fine without the Post Office. My idea is Government email address’s.

We would need to break the Post Office’s monopoly on letter delivery, and develop a way to distribute and establish the addresses, but those aren’t major hurdles. The other thing we would need to do is confine usage to official government communications. Like it not, we do need a way to communicate with Uncle Sam every so often.

In the near future I think computers and internet access will be so widespread, that no one will be without access. Add to that the fact that biometrics, finger prints and such, are becoming mainstream in such devices as cell phones and computers, so positive identification will soon be easy. Keep in mind that more people don’t get their mail delivered to their home than don’t have or use computers.

Also, I don’t really mean get rid of the post office, lease the routes out, and lease postal operations in general. Just chop the monopoly off and see whether the free market actually supports these “essential” operations.

Anyway, my idea is full of holes and problems, but I though it was curious enough to write a post about and see what people think of it. However, the reality is that the Post Office is soon going to stand us up, and there are not enough prom dresses to go around.

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