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Sixteen Tons And What Do You Get?

You get a tax code that if placed in one stack would be 24 feet thick. The Federal Tax Code amounts to 71,684 pages, the Federal Code, that doesn’t include even the title page from any individual state tax codes. I have posted this before, but it really deserves some repeating. If you really put some thought into this, you realize that how much a person or group is paying in taxes is hardly the issue we need to be looking into. Raising or lowering taxes needs to take a back seat to revamping this disgusting document that is so large that no one knows what it says.

Any body of law this big isn’t written to favor anyone. The tax rate that any entity pays is almost directly related to how lucky their accountant(s) is. Add to this the fact that in the year 2006, taxes due, but not collected, amounted to nearly twice as much as the entire federal budget deficit. Of course now that the Obama is running deficits in the thousand billion range yearly, even collecting all the taxes due wouldn’t cover government spending.

The solution to many of the tax issues we face is a simple.

Step 1: Torch the whole tax code.
Step 2: Flat tax.
Step 3: Launch the entire Congress into the Sun.
Step 4: Prosperity.

Compare that to the liberal scheme.

Step 1: Increase taxes on the rich.
Step 2: Extend unemployment benefits from 99 weeks to a bajillion.
Step 3: Buy slinkys for each member of Congress.
Step 4: National economic implosion Prosperity.

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