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Pardon Me?

Something I don’t understand, and likely never will, is why executives feel the need to pardon a slew of prisoners as they leave office. Enter Haley Barbour of Mississippi (I had to do the little thing in my head to spell that right. I’m not proud)

I understand when inmates are pardoned because of doubt or new evidence or even when the crime committed is rare or foolish, as in cases of drug users and so forth.

I fail to understand when inmates are released when there is no doubt, reasonable or otherwise, that they are guilty and the crime is severe. I’m not running for any office at the moment (I need to file paperwork for a state rep run) and I can’t imagine any circumstances where I would consent to run for governor or any other executive seat, however if I ever serve in one of those capacities, hell will freeze solid before I pardon anyone whose guilt is not severely in question.

I might consider humanitarian releases for murderers and others before the freezing of the underworld. Yes. I would. As soon as their victims are put completely whole. When the dead walk again. I’m sorry, you have a medical condition? You should have considered that before you took the path less traveled shit bag.

Vote for me and let violent criminals rot in prison.

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