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SOPA – A Line In The Digital Sand

Up until about 5 minutes ago I was against passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act. Now I am in favor of it’s immediate passage.

The bill represents , similar to Obamacare, what I see as a philosophical crossroads. It is not sufficient to defeat a bill in the legislature on the grounds that if passed the bill would be unconstitutional. At least not always. These things are like a damned Hydra, and if you don’t cut the right head off, they keep growing back in greater numbers than before.

Obamacare will define, in may ways, what freedoms we actually have. When the Supreme Court decides whether or not the government may force a person to buy a product it will change the future forever, as well as the relationship between citizen and Government. SOPA will do the same thing.

We are Roman citizens and the barbarians are at the gates. We have a choice to stand and fight for our freedoms or allow the Eternal City to be ransacked and destroyed, diminished. We cannot chose to ignore them and hope they go away, at some point there will have to be a reckoning.

While I may often disagree with my fellow citizens on matters of policy, this is something that transcends party and most philosophical boundaries. Sure liberals, it’s great to have a powerful paternalistic government as long as it is benevolent, but that never lasts, and eventually all power corrupts and the more of it there is, the more absolute the corruption will be.

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