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Justice, Served Fresh Daily In All Calibers

I’m sure you heard about the widow who was forced to shoot one of the two men who were trying to break into her home and steal her recently dead husbands pain meds. The shooting has been ruled justified, obviously. I say she was forced because when those men decided to break into her home, the choice was taken from her hands.

What you may not have heard is that under Oklahoma state law, the surviving accomplice will face murder charges. Smell that? That’s the intoxicating scent of justice.

Under the law, if you commit a crime, and a death results, that is your own fault, not the victims.

I’m sorry she had to pull the trigger, but she was not the only one in harms way, her very young child was also. Anyone who’s watched 5 minutes of Animal Planet knows when you are a threat to the cubs, you are going to get your ass chomped.

Dustin Stewert - Amature Burglar And Professional Shit Bag

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