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Constitution? He Don’t Need No Stinkin Constitution!

Greetings Comrades! Illustrious leader has made headway against American pig-dogs!

Really though, let me paint you a picture of whats been done, in case you don’t read all this stuff that ends up on the inter-tubes.

The president is required to get the “advice and consent” of the senate when making political appointments. HOWEVER, when the senate is in recess, the president may make appointments which last through the end of the next congressional session. It’s not so much of a loophole as it is an acknowledgment that you can’t get advice or consent when there is no one to get it from.

One would think Obama would know this, since during the two years he was a US senator, the Senate never went into recess to prevent Bush from making recess appointments. Not that Illustrious Leader paid attention to the Constitution during those two years, what, with how busy he was voting “present”.

Now, the Senate is not in recess because the House won’t let them, each requires the consent of the other to take a break of more than 3 days, 3 days do not a recess make.

Because the Senate has been unable to confirm several of his appointees, entirely within their rights, he has decided to just go ahead and make these appointments regardless of what the law requires.

One would think the Democratic party would not want to establish this precedent, because if someone sues and loses, no Democratic Senate will ever again be able to keep a Republican president from making whatever appointments he likes.

I would be just as disgusted if Bush had tried this. Unlike Illustrious Leader, I took my oath to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic” seriously.

It’s a dangerous thing to establish that the law is something that only needs to be followed when it’s convenient, especially when the law in question is one of the protective bulwarks erected to protect us from the inevitable tyranny of an unaccountable leader. Everyone, Republican or Democrat should be disgusted and angry, the particulars of the appointments really are not important, which is why I haven’t mentioned them, the law requires confirmation or a recess, neither of which he has.

It’s all so simple that I would bet even a law professor could understand it.

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