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New Year, Tax Refunds, The End Of The World

I would just like to take this time to remind everyone that New Years really celebrates the beginning of the two bleakest months on the calender, and March isn’t a hell of a lot better. Everyone enjoy January, otherwise known as the 31 day descent into the frozen hell that is February. Plus, if you call within the next ten minutes, your February will come with an extra day at no additional cost!

Also, it begins the time when we all get our W-2’s, to see how much of our money has been squandered and how much you overpaid and will get back in dollars worth less than the ones you originally overpaid with. Really. No kidding. Think about it.

Assume you pay Uncle Sam 120 dollars over 12 months. When you file your taxes you find out you will have no tax liability and get 120 dollars back. Unfortunetly people don’t think about the fact that that 120 dollars can only buy them 95% of what they could have bought if they had never paid it into the system. Tax overpayment result in a net loss greater than that of a savings account. Here is some advice. If you want to lock a certain amount of money up so it’s safe from you and your spending habits, get a 1 year CD and add to it a bit each month. This way you won’t destroy as much of its value. You may not make any money and you still might lose some, but at least you haven’t paid the government to take a loan out from you.

Inflation tax baby.

Lastly, as with every New Years Eve, I will now ignore the thing completely. If the world actually ends this time around, don’t bother to wake me up. None of us will be down for breakfast.

But happy one more rotation around the sun day. Or if you are in Soviet Russia, happy sun rotates around you day.

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