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Happy Birthday Big Bang

I can’t find when in 1927 the idea of the Big Bang was proposed (in published form, I assume he didn’t just think of it the morning he submitted the paper), but none the less, the Big Bang turns 85 in 2012. The guy that first proposed the idea of an expanding Universe was Georges Lemaître. Like with most things, the idea was first met with intense skepticism, but eventually as others built off the idea, it was refined to the point of general acceptance.

The man had quite a career too, eventually being elected to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, headquartered at the Vatican, which among many others, currently counts Stephen Hawking as a member.

Addition: I may have forgotten to mention that the “Father” of the big bang, was also a Catholic Priest. Just one of a long line of theologian scientists from Bacon on up to Mendel (a man hated by every student of high school biology) and of course Lemaître, including many, many more today who are engaged, in some instances, in cutting edge astrological research into the origins of the universe as we know it today. The Vatican today finances some extremely important research into the cosmos and few would argue that the many Jesuit Universities around the world are anything but top notch institutions of learning.

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  1. 2011/12/31 at 00:06

    By expanding I mean first had the thought that everything came from the same, single location.

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