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The Shocking Baloney Of Christopher Maloney

My friend Michael Hawkins has recently had some legal involvement with a naturopath named Christopher Maloney who practices his “trade” in Augusta, Maine. I use the term “trade” very loosely here as there isn’t a shred of scientific evidence that most of the nonsense works. One wouldn’t call a cooper who can’t make functional barrels engaged in a trade, but that’s all besides the point. Michael has been advocating against naturopathy effectively for quite some time.

Really, naturopaths don’t bother me. I couldn’t care less if someone wants to sell snake oil and long as the people buying know its snake oil and still want it. So thats all fine.

Today I went snooping, as I sometimes do, and found that on Mr. Maloney’s website, he not only advocates naturopathic nonsense, but he advocates localism. It’s clear that this man holds no redeeming views whatsoever. Not one. I’m not going to launch into a tirade about all the many things wrong with the idea of buying local being economically beneficial, mostly because others have already made good cases and there is no sense in reinventing the wheel.

It should suffice to say that “buy local” is to economic growth what naturopathy is to medical treatment.

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