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Who Do You Call?

I can’t remember who said it, but there is a great quote that goes something like this:

No one wants America to be the worlds “police”, but guess who they call when they need a cop.

It really is the truth. Show me a UN “peacekeeping” force (more like rape squads in some cases, but that’s another subject) and I’ll show you a body of soldiers who in most cases are mostly American, a plurality at least. We end up paying somewhere between 20% and 40% of  every dollar spent by the UN. The numbers fluctuate wildly, so it’s hard to say how much money we pay to the corrupt den of mass murderers, sociopaths and dictators, but its always well above what other countries pay as it relates to GDP or GNP.

Getting to my point here, I read the story on Yahoo, but picked this Fox link because that sort of thing causes the Bush Derangement Syndrome to spring up again and, in some cases, a few liberal heads explode. It seems that there are calls for the UN to take action, not that that ever does very much. I’ve heard rumors that the ambassadors to the UN all get castrated before taking their place. Simply because that sort of nut-less existence that leads to bureaucratic red tape, which is the primary function of the UN, red tape creation.

Syria is a problem? Crimes against humanity? Dear me, I had no idea. Why the media has chosen to give this coverage now is anyone’s guess, but mobs roaming the streets and the military shooting that those mobs make for great TV. We probably should have moved right over to Syria after the Iraqi regulars were crushed, in record time I might add.

I just can’t imagine what form a UN military intervention would take. I’m giving excellent odds that Neville Chamberlain was frozen and has been in storage at UN headquarters, just waiting for the day his impotent appeasement talents would have to be called upon once more. Barring that, those nice blue helmets they require soldiers working on behalf of the UN to wear make great targets.

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