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“No”, The EPA’s Favorite Word

Isn’t it great when the EPA blocks a new energy project that is being built to address current (supposed) environmental concerns, because of environmental concerns?

They do this stuff all the time, sometimes for a legitimate concern but most of the time it seems like you have to double check to make sure it isn’t April 1st. I don’t know why this just popped into my head on Christmas Eve, but since the topic did so, I thought I’d go back and try and find an outrage that I had read about, but never wrote about. It seems that sense did prevail in that case and the project either has moved forward or will be doing so. The project I’m thinking of is a solar installation in the Desert in California, where a few endangered tortoise’s live (or lived as the case may be). The EPA for a while had shit canned the whole project to save a few turtley creatures who were not even in their proper habitat.

This stupid shit happens all too often though, most recently with the oil pipeline that may be built stretching from someplace in Canada to someplace else in the US. The current administration essentially blocked the thing because of some scientifically dubious concerns about ground water, among other equally dubious things. The funny thing is, pipelines are far safer, regarding the environment, than trucking oil all over tarnation. Furthermore, while I was flipping through the channels today, I caught an environmentalist on MSNBC talking about how much better it is to transport oil with a pipeline rather than thousands of trucks.

I alluded to this a little bit, obviously, if you have a pipeline to watch you can detect problems pretty quickly, and you know there is only an extremely small area that could be affected by any problems (tiny compared to the possible damage footprint trucks have, being able to go any route they like). The other thing is emissions of all things! This environmentalist talked about several studies comparing the CO2 emissions from moving one barrel of oil one mile, by pipeline, rail and road. It’s no surprise, but transporting oil by pipeline is not only cheaper, but has lower emissions per unit than any other means of conveyance.

As it happens, I think the pipeline delay was a shout out to liberal environmentalists ahead of the 2012 election, after that Obama doesn’t need them, so what does he care. But I digress.

It just seems more and more that the EPA exists to grow itself more than anything else. They block these projects that could have a significant impact when it comes to pollution. I like to use the the following analogy:

What the EPA does is like you having cancer that will kill you, and a medicine that could cure the cancer but will cause you other, less serious/not life threatening ailments. This point is where the EPA would step in and “save you” from the medicine.

They claim the world is going to melt in to a giant puddle in space, yet block things that would would do something to keep that melting from happening, all because of a few reptiles. Reptiles that are predicted to die out if this global warming charade actually pans out, I might add. We need to shit can the EPA entirely and start from scratch to build an agency that will actually be effective and not do everything in it’s power to kill off jobs and business’s whenever possible. There is no sense in reorganizing it, it would never work, we need to start from scratch, which is dangerous enough given that politicians would be designing the thing, which is exactly the problem now.

Merry Fucking Christmas, I just heard that the EPA has fined a Mr. S. Claus and impounded his vehicle since it didn’t meet emissions standards. Sorry kids, you don’t get shit this year, not even coal, the EPA took Mr. Claus’s stash of that as well.

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