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The Edge Of The Universe

Like most people who give it any thought I’ve always kind of wondered what if anything is past the edge of what we can see in the universe. Assuming, for a moment, that everything we see came from a single big bang and spread from there we know by simply running everything in reverse that everything came from that single point some 14 billion years and change ago. Space itself must than be finite, as is all the matter and energy occupying that space.

I think I’m doing well so far, but if anyone picks any issues let me know so I can fix them. This part isn’t really important to the point I’m going to make anyway.

No one has yet uncovered any evidence that space does end. A limit to how far back we can see, yes, but not the vacuum of space itself. I saw this in a thread on scienceforums.net earlier (I’ve lost the particular thread, after I publish I’m going to try and hunt it back down to grab a link):

Personally I imagine space, complete with galaxies, goes even farther: 100 billion LY, a trillion LY, who knows? Perhaps after 100 billion LY (in some direction) our normal space stops and heaven begins, with God presiding over a choir of angels playing harps; or perhaps it’s just a vacuum; or perhaps we’re contained in something like a fish-bowl on a coffee table in the living room of incredibly huge lizard-like aliens; or perhaps space folds back on itself via some 4th dimension – there is absolutely no way of knowing, if you accept the speed of light and the age of the universe as limiting the scope of our knowledge to 15 billion LYs. Now, if the question of what exists 100 billion LY out is unknowable and essentially meaningless, from the current scientific point of view, then the question whether it goes on to infinity is even more so.

An alarmingly plausible case.

Alright, now the real interesting part. There are, apparently, theories that allow for something interesting and out of the typical.

What if there was more than one big bang? What if, separated by vast, even by cosmic standards, amounts of vacuum, similar events have taken place. As this guy mentions, 100 billion light years out there lays the aftermath of another big bang expanding in all directions? I didn’t just dream this up myself, I snatched it from the Science channel earlier, and I wish I had the presence of mind  to look over and a take note of the scientists name. This guy was laying it out there as another, or complementary, idea to explain the ever accelerating and expanding universe.

I don’t really know whether it is based on any kind of solid science, but it’s none the less interesting. Personally, like the obscure reference to the end of the first Men in Black movie. I accordingly award that commenter:

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