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Help! The Post Office Has Fallen And It Can’t Get Up!

As most people know, stamps have been increasing in price, seemingly every few months, for several years now. In addition, post offices are less and less busy, due, in part I’m sure, to email and such like. It now seems that we have 3200 post offices that lose money, not make it. The question is, ‘what do we do about it, if anything?’

First off, get rid of the postal monopoly. Few people know this, but it is actually a crime to send letters any other way than through the Post Office, unless time is of the essence, than one may use FedEx or UPS and even a courier. So since the Post Office holds a monopoly, why aren’t they swimming in money? The answer is basic economics. When there is no competition, innovation tends to be stifled. It no longer pays well to improve products and services, simply because there is no other alternative. This is what has happened to the post office.

With a lack of competition, mail delivery has gotten progressively slower and more people are turning to free email, rather than sending a letter with $200 in stamps stuck to it.

The best solution is to bail out the post office and than privatize it. Or, failing that, open up the market to companies. They have already had great successes with privatizing Postal systems in other countries, It’s very likely that service would get better and prices cheaper.

Given that the post office is very much a talking point illustrating government efficiency (like when Obama said that Obamacare would work as well as the post office, a scary thought) for those in favor of bigger, more involved government. I’m very pleased to see it all coming unraveled and the post master has basically gone to congress with his hat held out looking for billions in cash.

Lastly, lets not forget that the biggest problem they have, and what has eaten up all the money, are employee pensions. Nice work Post Office union, nice work.

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