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Redistricting Problem? Fixed It.

Over at For The Sake of Science, Michael has brought up the topic that comes out of its hole once every census or so, US House redistricting.

Now there is no good/easy solution, because its perfectly legal to gerrymander, and its up to the states to decide how they do it and even how often (even though the effects of SCOTUS’s decision are crappy, it was the right decision. They aren’t supposed to make the law after all). Since there is no good/easy solution, we need one that is good/hard.

I propose allocating Reps by letter of the alphabet based on their constituents names. Now I know what you are thinking… Well I don’t actually,nor do I really care, but certainly it would solve the problem. We wouldn’t need that part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, most of which is unnecessary now, but democrats hang onto it because it lets them play with a part of the country where they don’t have much power. Back when it was necessary,  democrats fought against it because republicans got to mess about where they had little power. Allocating by alphabet gets rid of all the playing around that could be done and tampering would be pretty difficult. If you have ever seen the process one has to go through to change your name, you have some idea of how hard.

Think of how much harder it would be to bring home the bacon (pork) to ones constituents. Redistricting could be done in about 10 minutes in most states, maybe a half hour out in California where they would need 50+ divisions, but still well within the time period where one doesn’t have to provide a break by law.

It would make it a little harder when you add in my tax plan, where taxes are allocated to house districts based on whether their congressperson voted for it or not, but still pretty easy.

Take that Repulicrats.

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