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OWS Withdrawing Combat Forces From Augusta

Similar to our pending withdrawal in Iraq, the Occupiers in Augusta, Maine are withdrawing, by their own choice. They haven’t lost the “war” and I doubt they consider their work done (whatever that may be) but they are packing up none the less.

Until this point they have refused to apply for a permit to use the park, upon being told they needed to apply for a permit (one guaranteed to be approved) they instead filed suit in federal court, asking for an injunction to allow them to stay indefinitely. Thankfully they ended up getting a judge who had sense.

The judge found that indeed it is fine for the state to require a permit to use public facilities such as the park, to do otherwise would “would ultimately tend to suppress, rather than promote, the free exchange of ideas.” This is evident to most people, but for some reason not to this group. I wonder why, in light of this ruling, they haven’t opted to remain there anyway, and be arrested. Certainly that was the course of action most indicated they would take when the word came down they had to get a permit.

No longer, it seems, does this group feel that being arrested rises to the level of being fed to the lions for their convictions in days of old.

Their position on being in the park is plainly ridiculous to most everyone using reason as a starting point. The assertion was that the government cannot prohibit the people from assembling nor can the government prohibit them from petitioning the government for a redress of certain grievances. They are correct on that part. They fell flat on their face when they supposed that that meant the government can’t regulate the use of spaces belonging to the people as a whole, as long as that regulation is neutral.

Few could come to the conclusion that the state was discriminating against their cause in requiring a permit, most would come to that conclusion when you look at the fact that everyone else has had to get a permit, from the Tea Parties to the Maine State Employees Association, they have all been required to get permits, and for the last 2 months, guess who hasn’t been.

It seems these folks have gotten special treatment, not been the victims of government oppression.

It’s difficult to assert that certain rights can be regulated and certain others can’t be. A persons right to bear arms doesn’t extend to all places, nor does a persons right to speech or assembly. One cannot simply run up and assemble at the presidents podium and demand the right to speak at it, reasonable restrictions have always been allowed. This is one of those restrictions.

(I’m not trying to say these folks are for second amendment restrictions, far from it based on my questioning of them. Just an example.)

At least the end of the conspiracy theories is here. Some of these people in capital park thought the order to require a permit came down from the Department of Homeland Security. Plainly ridiculous. That department has too much to worry about, what with buying snow cone machines and defending us against extremest turkey friers.

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