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Debt Committee Fail?

The headlines should read “Debt Committee Resounding Success”. Lets face it, our government will never decide to cut by itself. Either a balanced budget amendment or deadlines like this are the only ways a dime will ever truly be cut.  (Not that these are real cuts, just reductions in future planned increases, but it’s important not to try and take two Goliaths on at once.)

1.2 Trillion in “cuts”. Sounds like a success to me. However, in spite of said success, we have people from both sides of the aisle scrambling to undo what is going to happen. This should make it clear to everyone that there are few in Congress really committed to cutting anything. If they pass such a thing (and I hope Rand Paul pitches a fit if they do) I am hoping Obama will not sign it. If he does may he be consigned to the worst circle of Dantes easy bake oven.

I am not opposed to Congress making some changes to what is cut, as long as at least as much gets cut. For example, there may be something in defense that needs to be saved, but it should only be saved if they find something else to cut instead. I’m not for just hacking at the budget (well, I might be) but cuts better happen to the tune of 1.2 Trillion at least, or I’ll be a bit grumpy.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this Obama Has come out and said he will veto any attempts to undo the automatic cuts, so perhaps there is some small glimmer of hope for the man (very small). Though, I hope he will entertain alternative cutting schemes, as I mentioned. If congress can come up with the same cuts in more targeted places in defense or elsewhere, I see little reason for him not to accept those cuts instead of the present automatic ones.

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