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Thanks be to Bloomberg that NYC has finally grown some balls and swept away the shanty town in Zuccotti Park. Not only have these protests across the country become havens for violent crime of all kinds but have also grown into larger and larger public health threats. The ever popular “Zuccotti Lung” as well as TB and other such diseases have been springing up with frightening regularity and potency.

You vagabonds have complaints and that is wonderful, but you also don’t seem to be able to control your mob or clean up after yourselves. What of the trash that has just been dumped outside of tents? What of the lack of any kind of real medical care outside of “alternative medicine”? What about encouraging and intimidation of victims of violent crimes, including rape, to keep them from going to the “evil fascist police”? Are these really what you envision turning the country into? Do you even understand how people get wealthy? I don’t think so.

The majority of you seem to fail even the simplest of economic inquiries, including facts about the systems the “movement” advocates. Even the ones who appear to have read Marx and Lenin seem not to understand what they have read, given their explanations.  Stories abound of people that have quit their jobs or stopped going to school in order to join the drug and drum addled protests, does that sound like a group of people that have any kind of work ethic? Does it sound like they feel its up to their selves to improve their lives? Many seem to want the government to rectify all disadvantages you face, even the ones you have brought squarely on yourselves.

Do you really think the way to cut out corporate influence on government is to increase the power that government has? The way to fight corruption is to add more power to be corrupted? I can’t imagine what drugs you have to be hopped up on to draw these conclusions.

Go home and do something useful and stop defiling public and private property. I’m sure everyone would be happy if a bunch of people invaded your yard, set up tents, defecated everywhere, beat drums at all hours and committed gross acts of violence and regular drug overdoses. You wouldn’t like that? Than why do you think the public, the majority of whom do not support you, want you to do all that in the public’s yards. (a private yard in the case of Zuccotti)

Here is a great look at the general state they have brought these public lands into. Excellent work you <33%. Watch the video.

Operation Garbage Day, Not Recycle Week

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