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Violent Tea Par- Whoops, Occupiers

I forgot about reality for a second there with the title. If you hadn’t noticed, for all the Tea Party’s faults, it has never become the violent mob that the liberal narrative warned about. On the other hand, Occupy Wall Street and it’s many minion offshoots, are constantly refereed to as “peaceful protests” despite all the violence and mayhem they inflict.

At what point are reasonable people on the left going to stand up and say, “you may have some legitimate concerns but unfortunately your behavior (and sanitary practices or lack of them) needs to improve or you need to disband”?

At what point does their desire to destroy everything in there immediate area stop trumping the right of other people to not be molested in some way when going to a public park?

At what point do business owners get to do business without having their customers driven away and their facilities vandalized by youths with authority issues and drug problems?

Free speech is a wonderful thing, but what we have here is an ever increasing collection of violent mobs and in many other cases we have the destruction of business and jobs (and private property) going on wherever these protestors decide to squat.

What is happening is a rather large, but by no means a majority, group within these protests are behaving in ways that are not acceptable and are not peaceful. Since it’s not a small number cities really need to start putting the smack down on these hooligans before someone really gets hurt.

We’ll see what happens in Portland (Oregon) where protestors have been seen making dangerous weapons including pieces of wood with nails sticking out. Whether they end up using these on police is anyone’s guess. Given the fact that they are being evicted due to high levels of violence, drug use and unsanitary conditions that are a public health risk, I won’t be surprised to hear about violence against police removing the protestors who are actually trespassing.

And still no coherent claims, but lots of drumming by people who likely have daddy issues as well as a deep seeded fear of bathing.

Occupy Violence
Occupy Sanitation
Occupy Violence
Occupy Violence
Occupy Drugs
Occupy Destroying Jobs
Occupy Vandalism
Occupy Racism
Occupy Racism
(including perhaps the worst economic ideas I have heard in my life)
Occupy Bullets (may or may not be related, but I have a hard time believing one has nothing to do with the other)

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