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DC Court Does Something Meaningless

Some are making a big deal that a federal court out of Washington DC has ruled the health insurance mandate to be constitutional. Not many people, but some.

Of course, if you read the decision, it’s clear that the ruling is, at least partially, based on precedent from Supreme Court rulings. Notably the judge says that the health care mandate is no more restrictive than the command the restaurants and hotels must serve people regardless of their race. As a freedom loving person I do beleive that individuals, and their businesses, should be permitted to discriminate if they wish and their customers equally free to shop elsewhere on account of that intolerance.

Given this judges reasoning, which seems a little faulty to me since he is talking apples and oranges, regardless of the rights and wrongs, it’s not difficult to see no limit to the power of congress. In effect this judge is saying that “government infringements of your rights happen, too bad”.

Thankfully it is totally meaningless, because there are already a few cases (being consolidated I believe) heading to or at the Supreme Court.

With courts like this around, it’s a wonder we have any rights left at all.


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