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A Man Without A Gun Is A Subject

I’m not going to go into too many details in case I end up testifying about this, but it should suffice to say that just a few short hours ago I held a teen at gun point after he pointed what appeared to be a gun at me. I was able to quickly bring my own weapon to bear and order the fiend to drop it (in so many words). It turned out to be a squirt gun spray painted black and combined with a laser pointer, however the law makes no distinctions about whether a firearm is real or not when it comes to pointing one at someone.

The best part of the ordeal? The officer that arrested the teen told him in no uncertain terms he was lucky to be alive, that pointing something that is indistinguishable from a gun at someone is grounds for them to use deadly force.

I hope this kid and his friends learn from this. Pointing what appears to be a weapon at someone is an extremely dangerous thing to do, somewhat more so if you happen to be pointing it at me. The fact that I was armed and able to disarm this hooligan without anyone being worse for the wear (with the exception of this kids pants, they will never be the same again after I yelled at him with a gun pointed at his chest) is a great example of the second amendment in action and why more people should get their concealed carry permits.

Note: I told the officers I didn’t intend to insist on charges. If the DA decides to do so (crimes are against the state, not people) I would be happy to testify, but I’m sure this kid has learned a valuable lesson in humility and not being a complete and utter fuck up.

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  1. 2011/11/01 at 11:58

    I think Nathan’s gun ownership should be subsidized because it’s clear he’s provided a public good by teaching those kids a lesson that their school failed to.

  2. 2011/11/01 at 12:50

    I agree. I’ll just take those ethanol subsidies no one should be getting.

  3. 2011/11/01 at 15:46

    I have to admit, I pictured it more this way:

  4. 2011/11/02 at 00:41

    It was probably more like this.

  5. 2011/11/03 at 03:09

    Option 4:

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