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It’s All Fun And Games…

I think the OWS protestors, on the whole, have a large helping of justified anger, but completely misdirected. Add to that the general incoherence and a small, but seemingly growing number who are turning to violence and you have all the makings of a great party. Unfortunately brains seem to be in short supply, even in Augusta, Maine.

I have a winter survival course that I’m involved with teaching every year. The most important thing about surviving a night, or any length of time really, in the cold is staying dry and staying out of the wind. I have to wonder, given how many of these protestors seem to be completely off with the fairies, when the first death will come.

There will be one, at least one. Hypothermia or carbon monoxide poisoning, take your pick, but its going to happen. I highly doubt that many of these people have it in mind to become “martyrs” for “the cause”, and this surely won’t be an effective way.What will happen is these protests will be shut down. A city is not going to let people freeze to death, even if they should let people lay in the beds they make. I’m not in charge.

NOTE: Right here in Maine, at Occupy Augusta, they had a near fatality a few days ago from a person running a gasoline heater in their tent. This was a person that has lived in Maine their whole life! Who up here doesn’t know this is a bad idea?

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