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Occupy Augusta

Well, imagine my surprise, when upon visiting Occupy Augusta, I find them to be generally small government (and largely pro-LePage) and mostly RON PAUL!!!1!!!11!! people.

Granted, the group of twenty or so I spoke to (I have a dirty habit of pontificating when I find the opportunity to do so) answered my questions haphazardly and sometimes I couldn’t figure out what they were trying to say. Once they finished and I got a chance to state my opinions to the group,  I was generally met with a “that’s about what I was trying to say”, and harrumphs all around. (If I didn’t get their meaning I tried to restate their answer to figure out whether I had it right.)

I don’t find this group very much different in sentiment or demands than I do the Tea Parties. I plan on visiting a few more times and posing a few more questions. Now that I have a sense of what to expect, I should be able to formulate some interesting questions and see if I can get some truly surprising and interesting answers.

This is just the group there this evening, I’m not sure if on my next adventure I will find the liberal revolutionaries the media is portraying every one of these protests to be, but for now I’m even less convinced than ever that these people are a response to the Tea Party.

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