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The Dumbest Principal

It’s not often that I actually get mad at a news story. Today is the day though.

Here we have a principle who is banning all fall holidays, because they are “insensitive”. I have never heard such a load of bullshit in my life. Let me go through this with you.

Columbus Day: The claim is that C. Columbus committed atrocities against indigenous peoples and thus should not be celebrated as the discoverer of North America. Stupid I know (not really true by comparison with later explorers). By this woman’s logic, Presidents day shouldn’t be celebrated because Washington was a slave owner. Don’t give her the idea though, she has already dispatched enough cultural holidays without my help.

Halloween: For this one the woman should be stabbed to death with a shrimp fork. Having been born on Halloween, I take this shit seriously. Her issue with this one is it’s ties to “witchcraft”.She clearly doesn’t realize the history behind the holiday. Most recently it was a sort of religious holiday being the night before all hallows day, jack-o-lanterns being lit to remember the souls stuck in purgatory. Prior to that it has it roots in several different pagan holidays, Samhain or Parentalia (no one really knows, just guesses of origins of customs). You might have noticed I didn’t mention witches or their crafts. That’s because it is a recent addition we have made and has nothing to do with the actual holiday at all. Once again, the woman is a moron.

Thanksgiving: Presumably this one is also banned at the school because the pilgrims didn’t send Christmas cards to the Indians and their feelings were hurt. It really baffles me because if anything both parties were equally responsible for any violence that occurred. I’m not expert in this period of history, but I can say with reasonable certainty that this woman is once again a vile human being.

Kids today are busy enough and get few enough breaks from school without having every drop of fun and enjoyment squeezed out of it as well. Perhaps she will ban Christmas because Jesus was a Jew and was crucified in Israel and Israel is run by Jews and is “evil”. Perhaps valentines day will be banned because of the violent Cupid with his deadly weapon, flying around shooting people like a postal employee. Who knows what other ridiculous reasons this woman could find to ban the various holidays that kids and teachers enjoy. She is even backed up by the superintendent, who I have to conclude is also an idiot.

Anything in the name of political correctness!


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