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Murders to Rise Without Obama Wasteful Spending (“jobs”) Bill?

Joe Biden says so.

It’s odd, because I wasn’t aware that the police prevented a tremendous number of murders. Policing in the US is largely a reactionary model. Someone does something, than someone else calls to police, than the police arrest Joe Blow for killing his wife. I don’t know that a decrease in the overall number of police would have any great effect on murder rates, kind of like gun control doesn’t.

It’s possible that a decrease in the number of officers does lead to increased response times and thus the reaction is less effective, but that’s not what Biden is alleging. We have to face the facts. Obama’s “jobs” bill would “save” some public safety jobs. For a year. Than what? The locales that couldn’t afford X number of police firefighters and teachers will have to cut them than. At some point we need to let things balance out to the levels we can sustain, not the levels that look best on paper and on the union dues statements.

It’s very similar to a few years ago when the Homeland Security Department was formed and gave out massive grants for new fire trucks and ambulances and so forth. Great idea right?

Wrong. These things all cost money to maintain, they also cost money to train people to use. In many areas of Maine I’ve been hearing that the trucks and so forth that were purchased with HLS grants are now for sale because they are not needed and the money isn’t there for maintenance.

Get over it. If we can’t afford these public employees, than they are not needed, nor are they truly desired. I’d like to know how many times people in these areas that stand to lose public safety employees and teachers have voted down property tax increases. Police in Waterville Maine should be paid for by people in Waterville Maine. Not by Federal taxpayers at large in other parts of the country. The same goes for their teachers and firefighters and so on. If you want them, pony up, otherwise, bye bye.

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