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Solyndra Hearing

I’m kind of shocked. I’m not sure what other feelings an American could have when the government essentially loans more than 500 million dollars to a company and the executives of that company than refuse to answer any questions at a congressional hearing.


While I respect and recognize their right not to say anything which might be self-incriminating, I’m beside myself that they have the gumption not to answer a single question asked by the peoples representatives about the peoples money. This is one of the problems with having the government involved with picking winners and losers in the marketplace. We have broad protections to keep us safe from a long history of government abuses. Those same protections, as we can see, make lending money a dangerous activity and are one more reason the government needs to stay out of the market.

The American people are out half a billion dollars that never should have been lent, and we have no one to answer questions about how this happened.

Boy, I can see those “green shoots” Mr. President, Mr. One Term President I mean.

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  1. 2011/09/23 at 11:37

    It’s always a bad sign when one’s associates plead the fifth.

  2. 2011/09/24 at 00:28

    I’m sorry but I invoke my fifth amendment rights and refuse to respond to that, for fear of self incrimination.

    The only thing I will say, is that I enjoyed seeing these guys stumble over saying even that.

  3. 2011/09/24 at 22:32

    They may not be good business people, but they are smart when it comes to testifying. No one should ever speak in front of Congress (or any court) without 100% immunity.

  4. 2011/09/24 at 22:48

    Of course, but given that that is the case, the government shouldn’t be lending money to anyone.

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