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$10 For Obama

The NEA strikes again. While doing what a union is supposed to do, advocate for its members, the NEA has decided that each of its members will pay a $10 dues increase in order to fund ‘messaging’ ahead of the 2012 general election.

Now if I were a member of the NEA, I’d be pissed. Money taken out of my paycheck, without my consent, going practically right into Obamas campaign. Whether or not I support his candidacy.

I support the free speech of unions, just as I do corporations, but there is a major difference in how they raise their money to fund political activities.

A corporation relies on voluntary contributions of money. That is trade. They give you something and you give them money back, voluntarily.

Unions raise their money a different way. In many places union membership is compulsory.  Once you have been forced to join the union they than take money straight out of your paycheck, for services you may not want or need and to support political agendas you may not support. Don’t get me wrong, there are multitudes of voluntary union members, but there are also lots the wouldn’t be in the union if they didn’t have to be.

So while I support the unions right to freely use its money to support Obamas re-election, I resent the way they take however much money they want out of the pay of the people that worked for it, without the worker having any say and in some cases no way to leave the union without losing their job.

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  1. 2011/07/23 at 20:46

    This isn’t accurate. Dues to unions are prohibited to be used in lobbying efforts for politicians. They are instead going to be used to promote messages that are pro-collective bargaining.

  2. 2011/07/24 at 01:05

    That’s why I said “messaging”. However, it doesn’t take a tremendous amount of cleverness to make it near enough a direct campaign contribution. While unions and corporations can’t donate unlimited $$$ to campaigns, they can do a tremendous amount of “messaging”.

    Which I agree is well within their rights.

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