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Rich Liberal Harping

I’m getting more and more tired of rich liberals complaining they are not taxed high enough. If you really feel that way, why not make a donation to the government?

Don’t pretend you speak for others. I don’t directly benefit from other peoples high level of wealth and I don’t wish to punish them for having wealth with overly high taxes. I also understand that taxing people too high will put tax revenues in the toilet. While liberals enjoy going on about the laffer curve being craziness, the evidence is against them.

It amuses me to hear people regurgitate bad economics, originally gathered from other people who have no idea what they are talking about.

I’d like to note that Europe’s top tax rates have been falling over the years, and this has actually increased tax revenues. There are cases where cutting taxes increases revenues. It happens all the time when taxes are lowered from rates that are so high, they sufficiently discourage individuals from reporting their earnings or encourage them to do things with their money to shield it from high taxes.

A simple, low tax rate is the best one for maximizing revenues.

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  1. 2011/07/16 at 07:30

    It’s such a disingenuous rebuttal to tell people who favor higher taxes that they can pay more if they want. It doesn’t work if we only have a few people throwing a few dollars in the pot. I know Howie Carr likes to go on about the higher tax rate option in Massachusetts that no one uses, as if it’s somehow evidence of liberal greed, but it is wholly unrepresentative of any argument anyone is using.

    And revenues increased when we raised taxes on the top 1% in the 90’s.

  2. 2011/07/16 at 15:12

    And have increased in Europe even though their average top rate has fallen. Also decreased in places they have raised it.

    Tax cuts do not always directly pay for themselves, but it happens quite regularly.

    You know what is disingenuous? Demanding we tax the richer people more because they aren’t paying their fair share. Really? The top earners pay a much higher percentage of overall taxes than they take home as a percentage of national income.

    If these individuals that’s I’m talking about, that say they do not think they are paying their fair share, if they really think that, they can pay more. But they don’t. Does Bil Gates do that? Or has he determined that charities are a better use of his money?

  1. 2011/07/16 at 08:52

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