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DC Fires 400 (206 teachers)

And I’m pumped.

This is the kind of program that should be instituted nationwide by the states. Substandard teachers getting let go can only be a good thing for students. Contrary to what seems to be the opinion of the NEA (given the results they try for) the point of a school is to teach children, not employ teachers and lavish benefits and privileges on them.

I’m not a believer in the idea that education can be improved by spending gobs of money on teachers and facilities. While i think it important to compensate teachers for their services, it should only be done to the point necessary to attract good teachers.

Tenure, in my opinion, is the biggest barrier to the successful education of the countries children. So It should be eliminated. Performance should be required to be high throughout a teachers career, not merely acceptable for the first few years until tenure is granted, at which point showing up becomes almost enough.

DC goes a little further with their evaluation procedure. Aside from identifying the poor teachers, the system also identifies the top performers and give an incentive in the form of bonuses. This is a great idea.

Now I have no idea whether or not DC has retained any kind of tenure system or not. As long as they can get rid of teachers for bad performance, I’m a happy camper.

A good teacher should be able to teach their subject with little more than their own presence. If you want to argue for better benefits, don’t wrap it in the flag of better education. There is no link, as far as I know, between paying for teachers boner pills and the education of students. If it doesn’t result in better education, we don’t need it.

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