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Ballooning Cost, Constant Whining And Poor Performance

Don't forget these are inflation adjusted dallah billz

While it seems there is no end to people, and teachers, whining about the government not spending enough on schools, anyone with a pulse should understand what they really want. More benefits, more pay and less teaching in return. To me it seems like every dollar being put into the school system has nothing at all to do with education. Facilities and personnel do need to be spent on, since they are practically the only expenses, but doesn’t it need to be connected to success? Shouldn’t the base pay of a teacher be practically nothing, with bonuses given for success and performance?

Looking at this chart, the question you should be asking is, “where is all this money going?”

Actually, that’s wrong, the question should be, “where is all this money being wasted?”

Whats the answer to both? Well, remember there are only two places, facilities and personnel, to really spend it. Take facilities for example. Instead of building simple, inexpensive, utilitarian school, you see lavish and expensive buildings built to replace schools that are simple and were good enough to produce exactly the test scores you get out of the new building. You have to ask why some buildings even get replaced. As Howie Carr recently remarked about something he told his children after they tried to convince him to vote for a new school in their district:

Howie: Whats wrong with the old school?

Victims of public school indoctrination: the roof leaks!

Howie: the roof leaks?

Victims: Yes!

Howie: If our roof leaked at home, would we build a new house? No? THAN JUST FIX THE DAMN ROOF!

Personnel, of course, is another area where it has gotten so far out of the realm of reasonableness, I hardly know what to say. Positions that used to pay pretty crappy, but had security and decent benefits now pay great, have lavish benefits and have nearly as much security. All the while test scores still are in the tank! Lets also remember that these people only work 9 months out of the god damn year.

If we put two and two together and still get four, than it makes sense to do one thing: attack public school budgets with a giant budget slicing device, commonly known as a machete. The money going in is having no effect on the results coming out. Obviously the other things that have been done, hiring more teachers to reduce class sizes, schedule changes, etc, are not doing anything either.

Fire teachers, increase class sizes and reduce the budget. Add performance based pay into it, and toss out tenure and we have ourselves a plan that might have some hope of fixing what has gotten to be a terrible education system.

Don’t listen to the people who think the problem with the schools is that they don’t teach enough evolution. That’s just bull shit.

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