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Debt Ceiling

I’m all for raising taxes if we must, but not as a condition of raising the debt ceiling. Congress needs to spend only what it has now, if it turns out to really not be enough to do what the government is constitutionally supposed to do, than by all means raise taxes.

You can’t just demand more income from your employer because you have spent far over your means. You have to cut back, than you can go look for a better paying job. We need to make congress do the same to avoid legitimizing the drastic growth in the size of the federal government in the last 3 (and 11, but mostly 3) years.

Raising taxes on anyone in our current economic (in any) state well only serve to take it out of the stream of effective, efficient commerce, shrink future investment or reduce the amount of money banks have to lend. Unless you are an idiot, you should know that even if the rich aren’t spending their money on yachts, caviar and pool boys they ARE either investing it or saving it in a bank (who lends it, thats what banks do). It isn’t stuffed in a mattress someplace like liberals believe. Even if it was, that’s still a good thing.

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