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Bob the Troll

Yes kids, its that time again, the waking hours, when Bob says things that only a mental patient would find reasonable.

Many times, with back up evidence but being closed minded and opinion driven, you are blind to it. No one supports you.

Of course anyone who actually follows the things knows there are frequently agreements between everyone so even if there were not one or two commenter’s who generally share my views, he’d still just be just making it up as he goes.

No one ever supports your opinions. Many support my stances. Like I said, you are opinionated and blind. Go ahead and give up like the child you are.

So again, completely nutty like squirrel poo, but oblivious to the fact that he typically describes himself when trying to insults others. As far as “giving up” goes, who knows where he was for the beginning of the thread, but me and another commenter had beaten the thing to death. He swoops in (fresh from taking his daily Geritol no doubt) and declares I’m the dumb one and two comments later that I’m childishly giving up. Giving up on?

Maybe Mr. Troll can think about what exactly he thinks I’ve given up on while he’s driving out to pick up his new Viagra refill. I mean come on, no matter how old, tired and irrelevant a guy gets, he always thinks he has a shot.

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