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State Legislators Lack College Degrees

Oh noes.

For the New York Times this is a fairly objective piece. I don’t have any deeply held feelings on the subject of whether legislators should have at least a B.A. or ‘some college’, whatever that means, but there seems to be no correlation between a well managed state and the education of it elected representatives.

Arguably the state in the most trouble, California, has the highest number of college degrees and some states with no current disasters looming are ranked right behind them.

The big question is really not education, because as we all know, college has little or nothing to do with education. The big question is whether the amount of schooling one has had makes one a better or worse legislator. I would argue that it doesn’t make a better one. As the article mentions the thing that matters is common sense and the ability to interact with people. Would I trust my doctor to write the laws of my state?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, NO! I don’t even trust the medicine she prescribes. I make certain of the intended effects and on and off label usage before I take anything that butcher gives me. Than after I’m sure she didn’t make a mistake and give me something totally ridiculous, I check the markings on the pills themselves. That’s just to make sure the college educated pharmacist didn’t screw the pooch and give me Viagra instead of prescription Tylenol. I do this because, while I am sure of their education levels, I’m not completely convinced they aren’t idiots.

Being a legislator is almost something a well trained golden retriever could do. There is no special skill or knowledge required to do the job, and no amount of schooling could possibly prepare a person to be a legislator anyway. The only things that really matter are “God given” (if you don’t believe in God read: “naturally occurring”, I don’t want a theological debate). Common sense, and nothing else can make a good legislator. They rely on hearings and experts in their fields to help them decide how to vote on an issue, more importantly they should be listening to what their constituents want.

After all, almost all of the US Congress have college degrees and they are all completely useless. If it came down to a choice between two candidates of identical policies, one college educated and one not….

I’d flip a coin or choose based on whether they can pick a decent tie to wear or which bumper sticker color scheme I liked the best. Schooling does not equal education and given my own opinions of the professors had, I might give the edge to the guy who never went to college, the one unfettered by people telling him/her how to think and what to think and paying them for the honor of it all.

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